#skoutoutside: Skout Backcountry Film Fest

Last night’s film fest was more than we could have asked for from the first-ever #skoutoutside event.  We were simply amazed at the turnout and the response to each and every film!


Steven Mortinson’s “The Resistance“, featuring Team Skout Backcountry’s Tyler Green kicked off the film festival.

Following Steven Mortinson‘s first film was his documentary of the 2016 attempt at the FKT for the Oregon Pacific Crest Trail.  In “One Step at a Time“, three runners set out to break Team Skout Backcountry member Brian Donnelly‘s 2013 FKT.


Next up, we showed a video from Team Skout Backcountry’s Gaz Leah.  Basin & Range’s “Unscripted” documented Leah’s process of writing NYC’s most comprehensive bouldering guide.


The first half of the film fest concluded with a profile video featuring a good friend of Skout Backcountry, professional base jumper and stuntman Sean Chuma.  The video features epic drone shots and spectacular base jumps.

img_7004At intermission, Climb for Clean Air gave a short presentation, and we held a raffle with generous prizes from our incredible lineup of partners: Evolution Healthcare and FitnessBend Marathon, The Herb Shoppe, Happy Mountain KombuchaBase Camp Brewing Company, Mountain Shop, and SheJumps.

Right out of intermission, we showed Skout Ambassador Katherine Jondro‘s film about the SheJumps Alpine Finishing School.

We had the immense privilege of hosting the first U.S. screening of Incognita Patagonia, the evening’s featured film.  In early 2016, a team of five explorers—including three good friends of Skout Backcountry—set out to traverse the Cloue Icefield of Chile, with the goal of mapping glaciers, climbing the major peaks, and producing a high-quality map of the region.


Next up was Sam Morrison’s film about his exploration of Patagonia with friend of Skout Backcountry, Phil Zook Friesen.  Read about their adventures in our blog post, “Patagonia: The Perilous Beauty“!

The final film was Skout Ambassador Willie McBride’s Wy’east Wolfpack video, by B.Y. Films, a great film about pushing through and overcoming the odds.


All in all, it was an incredible night, and we are so blown away by the love and support of the PNW outdoor community.  Thank you again to all who came, and to all of our amazing partners.  We could not have done this without you.  And a special thank you to Base Camp Brewing Company for hosting us.  We’re so thankful for your partnership!

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