Skout + Wy’East Trail Sisters

Local connections are so important to us at Skout Backcountry! Our local community gave us a chance as a small family business, they inspire us, support us, and give us the drive to do what we do best. As we strive to deepen our connections in the outdoor community, we love the chance to come alongside like-minded adventurers!

Wy’East Trail Sisters is a Portland-based, women’s-only run/workout/social group aiming to promote community engagement and create a platform for women to network, share their voices, get fit, have fun, and run!

Wy'East Trail Sisters
Photo: Jenn Love

Born from a partnership between Wy’east Wolfpack and Trail Sisters, and now supported by many other dedicated businesses, Wy’east Trail Sisters is a passion project we feel is of great importance, now more than ever.

Wy'East Trail Sisters
Photo: Jenn Love

For the last few weeks, 32 women have gathered every Wednesday to participate in a unique hour-long workout session that includes running and hiking on roads and trails, stairs, functional fitness workouts, mobility work, and more. The program runs for 10 weeks and is great for much more than the workouts; the community-building opportunities are equally as valuable.

The group is led by 5 women who are amazing local athletes — Jenn Love, Heather McGrath, Kate McElroy, and Sarah Foote. With versatile experience in many outdoor activities, the leaders are able to give the group a well-rounded variety of workouts and knowledge for future training.

Our Events Director, Amy Buglione, has been loving the opportunity to participate in the group.

Wy'East Trail Sisters
Photo: Jenn Love

“Being a part of the Wy’East Trail Sisters has been so amazing! It’s inspiring to see so many women come together, push themselves to be stronger and build community for future adventures. The 5 women leading the group are so knowledgeable and have found a great balance of making the workouts fun and challenging.

The opportunity to join this group came into my life at the perfect time when I needed a little motivation to prioritize my health, and the group has made it so fun! I’ve made valuable friendships and look forward to implementing the knowledge from the workouts into my daily life. Thanks Wy’East Wolfpack and Trail Sisters for creating such a rad group!”

Skout Backcountry is so happy to be among the many local businesses sponsoring the Wy’East Trail Sisters. We constantly strive to deepen our connection in the outdoor community and we love to support strong women that are joining together to get fit, make connections, and have fun!

Check out the Wy’East Trail Sisters website, follow them on Instagram, and keep an eye out for the announcement of the next group that will start soon!


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