Exploring the Backcountry of Canada

  A few weeks ago our Events Director, Amy, had the honor of representing Skout Backcountry at the Canadian Health Food Association Trade Show in Vancouver, BC. She had a blast meeting hundreds of people from the food industry! Hundreds of delicious organic products were represented, which allowed many small business founders to tell the stories behind their businesses. It was amazing to hear what inspired … Continue reading Exploring the Backcountry of Canada

Bend Marathon, 2017

We are so honored to have been the official On-Course Nutrition Sponsor for the Bend Marathon! The marathon’s incredible organizers, Traci and Kerry, strive to partner with local small businesses for the event. The marathon attracts people from all over the world, but the main crowd comes from the PNW. If you’ve ever visited Bend, Oregon, you know that it is a special place surrounded with endless opportunities for adventure. … Continue reading Bend Marathon, 2017

Happy Earth Day!

It’s amazing to live in the Pacific Northwest where there are so many ways to connect with the earth and so many opportunities to get involved with environmentally-focused organizations! Skout Backcountry is all about providing the best provisions for outdoor adventures. Our goal is to motivate and inspire people to get outside and take care of their bodies by providing organic, raw, vegan, seasoned Pumpkin Seeds and organic, gluten-free, … Continue reading Happy Earth Day!

Expedition to the Unexplored Reclus Volcano

Our friend Eñaut Izagirre, who conducted Incognita Patagonia in 2016, left today on an exploration expedition to the southwestern part of the South Patagonian Icefield. Eñaut tells us the plan is to check the status of the active Reclus volcano, “where pristine lakes and rivers flow down from the large icefield, making the area remote and unexplored.” Then, with funding from National Geographic, Universidad De Magallanes, and … Continue reading Expedition to the Unexplored Reclus Volcano

John Wros – First to Traverse Baranof Island

120 miles of one of the very last untraversed mountain ranges in Alaska, John Wros was written into a grant to try to cross Baranof Island in June of 2017. Funded by the American Alpine Club, the objective is the first lengthwise ridge traverse of Baranof island in Southeast Alaska. According to John, “The island is 100 miles long by 20 wide and made up of … Continue reading John Wros – First to Traverse Baranof Island

Thru-Hiking the PCT: Amy Buglione

The Pacific Crest Trail is renowned in the Oregon outdoor scene for its rugged terrain, wild beauty, and vast expanse. But it is even more significant to us at Skout Backcountry. It was right before her thru-hike of the PCT that Amy Buglione first contacted us, unaware that four years later she would be a vital member of Team Skout Backcountry. This is her story. In … Continue reading Thru-Hiking the PCT: Amy Buglione

#skoutoutside: Skout Backcountry Speaker Series

We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out for the film fest, which has us even more excited about the Skout Backcountry Speaker Series! The three-part speaker series will be a great chance to learn about our ambassador team and their experiences with various sports, gear, training, and nutrition. Our aim with #skoutoutside has been to open a dialog within the PNW outdoor community, creating opportunities to share stories, enthusiasm, and … Continue reading #skoutoutside: Skout Backcountry Speaker Series