#skoutfind: Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Poles

Photo: Flash-Sport “It’s pretty rare that I use poles… but when I have, the Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Poles are awesome! Lightweight and collapsible, they are easy to carry or stow. They are great on steep ascents.” – Janessa Taylor “Fast and Light” is a common theme among our ambassadors.  It is important to be able to move fast and light on the side of … Continue reading #skoutfind: Black Diamond Distance Carbon Z Poles

Skout Ambassador: Desiree Marek

“I have never been an athlete. Because my family didn’t have much growing up, work always had to take precedence over sports. As a young adult, work, again, had to take precedence so I could pursue an education. It wasn’t until the fall of 2009 that I began running and learned what it meant to be an athlete. Since then, I have seen places I … Continue reading Skout Ambassador: Desiree Marek

#skoutfind: Simple Hydration Water Bottle

“The Simple Hydration bottle is my favorite minimalist system for carrying water while racing and moving fast. It tucks into my waistband, doesn’t bounce, and let’s me run with hands free efficiency.” – Brian Donnelly Trail & Ultra Runner | Fast-Packer | Skout Backcountry Ambassador “The Simple Hydration Water Bottle is a crowd-funded product. Initial funding came from other runners and individuals through Kickstarter” explains Simple … Continue reading #skoutfind: Simple Hydration Water Bottle

Thru-Hiking the PCT: Amy Buglione

The Pacific Crest Trail is renowned in the Oregon outdoor scene for its rugged terrain, wild beauty, and vast expanse. But it is even more significant to us at Skout Backcountry. It was right before her thru-hike of the PCT that Amy Buglione first contacted us, unaware that four years later she would be a vital member of Team Skout Backcountry. This is her story. In … Continue reading Thru-Hiking the PCT: Amy Buglione

#skoutoutside: Speaker Series Part 1 – Willie McBride

Last night was the first in our three-part Skout Backcountry Speaker Series, and we couldn’t have been happier with the turnout!  It was another packed house at Base Camp Brewing, and the atmosphere alone was exhilarating. The packed room went silent as Willie McBride taught us that “the mind is primary.” Relaying stories from his countless adventures — trekking across Patagonia, journeys in Yosemite, ultra racing in pitch darkness without … Continue reading #skoutoutside: Speaker Series Part 1 – Willie McBride

#skoutfind: VaporAiress Hydration Backpack

This week’s #skoutfind comes recommended by a few members of #teamskoutbackcountry! Both Bethany Patterson and Ashley Kelly highly recommend the VaporAiress Hydration Backpack from Nathan. Bethany says, “I love my Nathan pack. It’s been my go-to pack for the last few years!” The VaporAiress is built to sit high up on the back so it doesn’t bounce while running. Extremely lightweight, at just 9.3 oz, the VaporAiress … Continue reading #skoutfind: VaporAiress Hydration Backpack

#skoutoutside: Skout Backcountry Speaker Series

We couldn’t have asked for a better turn out for the film fest, which has us even more excited about the Skout Backcountry Speaker Series! The three-part speaker series will be a great chance to learn about our ambassador team and their experiences with various sports, gear, training, and nutrition. Our aim with #skoutoutside has been to open a dialog within the PNW outdoor community, creating opportunities to share stories, enthusiasm, and … Continue reading #skoutoutside: Skout Backcountry Speaker Series